Q: What is an SSL certificate and why do I need one?

A: An SSL certificate encrypts the personal customer data and credit cards on your website. All e-commerce sites are required to have an SSL certificate if they are accepting credit cards.

Q: How do I purchase and install an SSL certificate?

A: AspDotNetStorefront can purchase an SSL certificate on your behalf, or install one you already own. If you decide to purchase your own SSL certificate, our Network Services team will work with you to get it installed properly on your site.

Q: Can you transfer my existing SSL certificates?

A: In many cases, yes, we can transfer your existing SSL certificate. Please contact us directly to discuss transferring your existing SSL certificate.

Q: Who is responsible for renewing the SSL certificate?

A: If AspDotNetStorefront purchased the SSL key on your behalf then we will automatically renew it, provided your account is in good standing. If you purchased your own SSL certificate or we transferred the certificate from another host, then you will be responsible for keeping it renewed.

Q: What happens to my site if the certificate expires?

A: A warning message will be displayed whenever a customer tries to purchase anything or login to your website. The connection will still be secure, but most customers will see the warning and just leave the site without buying.