Requiring Additional Info at Checkout

Modified on Tue, 09 Mar 2021 at 04:30 PM

AIMStorefront allows you to enforce the collection of required information on checkout. This is very handy for merchants who deliver to schools and want to ensure that student information is collected! Since Order Notes are optional, if they aren't filled in, the order can still be placed without the necessary info.

This is done by Shipping Method IDs. You can designate one or many (or even all) of your shipping methods to enforce the collection of additional information. This includes Real Time Shipping options.

NOTE: If wanting to set this to the "In-Store Pickup" (or "In-School Pickup" it might be called, check your Prompt: RTShipping.LocalPickupMethodName value), set a value of 0 in the field, or include it in a comma-separated list of ship method IDs.

To do this, go to Admin -> Configuration -> Shipping Calculation, and then click on View Shipping Methods. Note the ID of each shipping method that requires customer-entered info. Then, go the Setting "ShippingMethodIDsForRequiredInfo" and enter these IDs as a comma-delimited list.

Now, when a customer selects one of these shipping IDs, they will be required to enter the additional information. You will see this underneath Order Notes on the checkout page. (Note: SkipShippingOnCheckout cannot be 'true' in order for this to work).

The title and the content of the Required Additional Info is customizable, by setting the Locale Prompt "checkout.shippinginforequired.label" and the Topic "ShippingMethodRequiredInfoInstructions", respectively.

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