Our September AIMsiStorefront release (version 1.8) includes a software upgrade to AspDotNetStorefront version 10.0.6. Within this version there are some skin changes that are built in to the Default skin, but are not automatically merged in to customized skins. If you'd like to apply these updates for your customized skin, you'll need to apply the changes below:

  1. Update Skins/YourSkinFolder/Views/Shared/_Head.cshtml
    Near the middle of the file, just above this line:
    @* Bundle and minify jQuery. *@

    Add the following code:
    @*This xmlpackage can be used to add dynamic data to javascripts such as tracking scripts that should run at the top of the head tag*@
    @Html.XmlPackage("script.head", new { OrderAlreadyConfirmed = ViewBag.OrderAlreadyConfirmed })

  2. If the skin has custom versions of the script.bodyclose.xml.config or script.bodyopen.xml.config files in the /Skins/YourSkinFolder/XmlPackages folder, merge in the changes from the matching files in the attached package.  The merges should consist of removing several blocks of code where the old analytics code was. **This should only be done for skins that have those files - skip this step otherwise!