AIM Visibility Page for Designers

Modified on Thu, 21 Nov 2019 at 07:27 AM

As a front-end designer in AIMStorefront, it can difficult to customize the rental flow process, because as a designer, you don't have access to the AIM data that a merchant set up. For example: if they ask for a content to be displayed at the top of the finalize page on a per-instrument basis, for example, you would naturally think to use the Instrument topic to create this content. But the topic name is defined in AIM, so how do you know what to name it? The only solution is to ask the merchant. But then, suppose they need a hard-coded button to jump to the finalize page for a certain instrument and rate plan. You could select the location, teacher, school, and instrument on the AeRntSchoolSelect page, and hover other each Instrument/Rate button to get the URL, but selecting each instrument in this way can be tedious. Finally, they ask why there instrument image isn't loading, even though the token is in the topic. The most likely explanation is that the image doesn't exist with the path specified in AIM, but asking the merchant to supply you with the image path, so you can go check, isn't optimal. 

The AIM visibility page is designed to make this process a bit more efficient. You'll be able to see all instrument and rate combinations at once, just by selecting the location, school and teacher. You'll be able to see all image paths for the instruments, as well as the name for the topic. If the data isn't set up quite right, you can make intelligently make suggestions to the merchant so that they can fix the data.

To get to the page, simply browse to the

Explanations for where topics get displayed are included in pop-ups over the (?) icons. Configuration information is displayed so you don't have to hunt through AppConfigs. Plan information is displayed, and you can apply any plan code you like with a simply submit. (Note: plan code listing isn't available in the version 11 API).

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