AIMsiStorefront inlcudes support for the Advanced Product Image Display add-on. This display allows customers to zoom in on your product image within the frame of the image, eliminating the 'pop up' style image that shows when you click "view larger image" on our standard product display packages. You can try this out on our demo store here:

If you'd like to enable this for your store you can do so in one of two ways:


This is the easiest way to get going with the add-on. Your product layout will change as a result of this installation - if instead you'd like to merge this add-on with your existing layout please see the 'Advanced' method below.

  •  Use an FTP client to connect to your store (more info)
  •  Open the folder wwwroot/Skins/{YourSkinFolder}/CSS and Upload the file ( imageViewer.css ) CHECK WITH OUR HELP DESK.
  •  Open the file wwwroot/Skins/{YourSkinFolder}/Views/Shared/_Head.cshtml in a text editor like Notepad++. Link to the image viewer css file by adding: Url.AppRelativeSkinUrl("css/imageViewer.css"), to the css/bundled group (don't forget the comma at the end).
  •  Log in to the admin console of your site, and navigate to Products > Manage Products. Select a product, then choose Advanced Product Image Display from the Page Display dropdown, then Save and Close the product.
  •  Look at the product page on the front end to see it in action.


If you'd like to merge this add-on in with your existing product page layout, you can do so following the instructions on our manual here.

You'll need to know your way around HTML or XSLT or have a developer help you with this method. If you don't have a developer and you'd like to get some help, please send us a ticket and we can help to connect you with someone to assist.

Once the add-on is set up on your store, you can adjust your configuration options and learn how to setup your product images here.