To add an image, text, or html content to rental items, follow these steps:

  1. First, check that your aeRntFinalize page has a token to display images on the rental finalize page. This is a pretty easy thing to check. In /aesys, go to your topic called “aeC2BRentalFinalize” and check that at the top of the topic, you see a token called “(!INSTRUMENT_TOPIC!)”. This token is setup by default in this topic so you will most likely not have to update it.

  2. Next, go to AIMsi to your rental product, and you should see a “Topic” field in the upper right corner of the 'C2B Contract Inventory setup window'. You can see highlighted it here:

    In this field, you can make up a name for a topic. I’d suggest keeping it consistent, so you can find all of your topics later. A name like “aeInstInstrumentname”. The example above is for Violas, and shows a name in that field that will work well. Do not use spaces or any special characters.

  3. Now, you need to go into your /aesys panel of AIMsiStorefront and go to ‘Content > Manage Topics’ and hit the aqua-marine colored button for ‘Create Topic’. Enter in the name of the topic you want to create exactly as it was entered in AIMsi in step 2.

    *Be sure your topic is published – that’s most common error we see when troubleshooting why this process did not work for our clients.

  4. Finally, all you need to do is fill in this new topic with images or text that you’d like displayed on the rental finalize page. Save your topic and “Refresh Store” before attempting to view the new content on the website.