In AIMStorefront, you can set up your product pages to allow customers to send you direct messages about specific products. Starting in AIMStorefront version 1.24, this feature can be configured on any standard product page.

This feature adds a link right below the "add to cart" button (or Email this product to a Friend if enabled) on any standard product display package. The customer would click this link to access a popup window which contains a form they can use to input their email address and add a message (up to 500 characters) about that specific product. 

When a customer uses this feature, the aforementioned popup window will display a message that you can edit to something appropriate for your store, such as, "we are not open at the moment and cannot ship goods, even those in stock, but please leave a note of your interest and we will email you as soon as we re-open".

When a customer uses this feature and submits their message, you will receive an email with the product, the customer's email address, and the message the customer wanted to send you. You can also view all of your messages at once, using a built in report called "EmailMe Product Requests" that can be accessed in your reports tab of the website admin. That report will allow you to filter all messages by date range, product ID, product SKU, or customer email.

There are some configuration settings that allow this feature to be:

- turned off

- turned on
- turned on, but only for products that are out of stock

Here are your options to customize this feature to make it work for your store.


You can find these settings under the Configuration > Settings menu in your AIMStorefront admin console ( 


Set to Yes to turn on the feature. This will show a link on the product pages which allows the shopper to send you a message about the product.


Set to Yes to only show this feature on products that are currently out of stock.

NOTE: The inventory level used for this consideration is the Configuration - Settings - OutOfStockThreshold so be sure to set it to a value of 1 if you wish zero (0) to be the out of stock inventory level you wish this to be displayed.


Set to Yes to enable reCAPTCHA in the popup window. This feature defaults to Yes as reCAPTCHA is a security feature which helps protect your site from malicious automatic submissions.


You can find prompts under Content > Manage Prompts in your AIMStorefront admin console: 


Each of the prompts below will display their text in various parts of the process. To change any of the editable text, you can use the prompt below. Each prompt listed is followed by its default text values with the description of the prompt underneath. 

Edition.EmailMe.Email.Name - Email

Use this prompt to set the text right above the email form field

Edition.EmailMe.Email.Prompt - Email

Use this prompt to set the light gray text inside the email form field

Edition.EmailMe.Form.Header Email me when back in stock

Use this prompt to edit the custom text that appears at the top of the popup window

 - Email me when back in stock

Use this prompt to edit the text of the link that appears on the product page

 - Notes

Use this prompt to set the text right above the notes form field


Use this prompt to set the light gray text inside the notes form field


If after following the steps above, you're still not seeing the feature available on product pages, you might be using a modified layout. 

Modified layouts ( XmlPackages ) are not automatically updated when we update your website with new releases. You can either merge the new code from the root XmlPackages folder into your Skins XmlPackages folders (advanced users), or remove your modified layout.

You can remove your modified layout by logging in to your website's FTP account and navigating to your Skins/Skin_1/XmlPackages folder ("Skin_1" may vary depending on your store's configuration). Look for files like: product.*.xml.config , download them to your computer to make a quick backup, then delete them in your FTP client.

If you're not sure how to go about this, please submit a ticket, our team is standing by ready to help!