This feature requires AIM v12. If you're running an older version of AIM, please contact Tri-Tech to get up to date.

A second requirement of this feature is that you are subscribed to the Active-e Service Ticket service.

To submit a service ticket, customers can visit The page display will vary based on whether or not the customer is logged in. There are a few areas on the page that can be customized in topics (Content > Manage Topics) in your admin console (

Anonymous users will see this: 

Logged in customers will see this: 

You can also adjust the content that shows up in the modal window when a user clicks the serial number tooltip: 

To see a list of other editable text throughout this feature, you can also search prompts (Content > Manage Prompts) in your admin console for:



Once an estimate request is reviewed in AIM and sent to the customer, they can visit to review, and Approve or Decline. The Notes and Description fields from AIM are visible to the customer here:

The logged in customer will see this on the portal: 

It is now possible to require a Credit Card be entered prior to approving an estimate.

If this feature is configured (through new setting Edition.Service.RequireCreditForApproval) then a credit card entry/selection popup will require the customer to enter payment information before the estimate can be completed.

Saved cards on that account can be selected or a new card can be entered.

If a new card is entered, an email notification will be sent to an administrator account. New cards entered this way will include a Nick Name with the service reference number, helping administrators to match up credit cards with specific tickets.