Limited FTP Site Folders (AIM Ultra Only)

Modified on Mon, 30 Jan 2023 at 09:55 AM

/Config : This folder contains useful URL rewrite files you can add IIS URL Rewrite rules to. It includes RewriteMaps.config as well for more efficient rewriting. Note that the site must restart after making changes to these files in order for them to take affect. This can take up to 24 hours, or immediately if Hosting is contacted during business hours. DO NOT create subfolders here.

/download : This folder is not used by the software initially but can be utilized to store downloadable products you setup in your cart. Subfolders are allowed.

/images : This is the {root} repository for the site images such as Category and Product images. There are numerous folders created by default which may be utilized if desired. Your site editors (Topic and Product/Entity) have access to this and all subfolders. This folder (and all subfolders) allows Read/Write/Modify permissions to the site (Read only to the public), so be careful about placing sensitive files here. Subfolders are allowed.

/orderdownloads : This folder contains copies of download files if the Configuration - Settings - Download.CopyFileForEachOrder setting is YES. Subfolders and files are created automatically. This folder should not be used for anything else.

/skins : This folder is the most useful folder for making display and functional changes to your site. It contains the basic essence of the display code such as page Views, the CSS (styling) , customized XML Packages for page displays, and the skin-level /images folder, which functions similar to the {root} images folder mentioned above. The specific skins within this folder can be applied to multiple sites so each has its own look and feel (if using multi stores). Files within each /skins/Skin_# folder are applied only to those stores "mapped" to that skin. XmlPackages located here also override any found in the {root}/XmlPackages folders. Subfolders are allowed here but may have special meaning, so please be careful or inquire with the Help Desk if adding folders to anything other than the /skins/Skin_#/images folder.

/XMLPackages : This {root} folder contains your base XML Package display files. You have Read access and can copy them, but you cannot alter, move, delete or add to them here. If you wish to make modifications to an Xml Package found here, simply copy it into your /skins/skin_#/XmlPackages folder and make the desired changes to that copy, which will be used instead of the version found in this folder.

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