On your AIMStorefront website, you will need to direct your customers to the Online Contract Page. This is flexible and you have many options. 

The most direct way to get your customers to start placing rental orders is to lead them directly to the "School Select" page. This page will exist at https://www.yoursite.com/aerntschoolselect.aspx (Where www.yoursite.com is replaced with your actual website url)

To send traffic to the 'School select' page, you can set a link from your homepage. We like to put that link in the top navigation bar. On most template websites, you can add that link to the topic "0-template-top-nav" by opening the topic and pasting this code directly below the first line of code that already exists. 

<li class="dropdown">
<a href="/aerntschoolselect.aspx">
Instrument Rentals

When you're done it should look like the screenshot below. Be sure you're using html view by clicking the html view button button at the bottom of the topic editor before pasting in the code.

After saving the topic and refreshing your store, the new link should now show up in your top navigation menu. Your website may look different due to using a different template, but the functionality will be the same. 

If you want to provide more options than a direct path to the School Select page, you can add a landing page where customers can enter plan codes, or view more information before starting the rental process. In this case, you want to direct your customers to https://www.yoursite.com/aeRntPlan.aspx. Your AIM setup determines which webpage is displayed to the customer.

Finding a rental instrument using School Plans

School plans are really useful - they allow a store-owner to set out a list of instruments with specific prices

If you would like to restrict your restrict your school listing by the plan code entered you can set AppConfig parameter aeRestrictSchoolsByPlan to true.

If you only have the one default promo code setup, your customers will be directed to the School/Teacher page bypassing the Promo Code page. Above the School/Teacher selection the topic associated to the selected plan will appear. If you are bypassing the promo code, you will still have one default plan setup with a topic that will be displayed above the School/Teacher selection. The display tokens available on this page include: PLAN

Finding a rental instrument  using "Browse by Schools"

If you only have one School/Teacher record setup your customers will be directed to the Instrument page bypassing the School/Teacher page. Above the Instrument selection the topic with the selected School/Teacher will be displayed. If you bypassed the School/Teacher page, you will still have one default School/Teacher record setup in AIM with a topic that will be displayed at the top. The display tokens available on this page include: PLAN and SCHL

Finding a rental instrument using "Browse by Instrument"

Finding a rental instrument using a choice of "Browse by Instrument" or "Browse by School"

Once the instrument is chosen

Once the instrument is selected the customer will be taken to the Finalize Contract page. The display tokes available on this page include: PLAN, SCHL, INST and RATE

As you can see it is very flexible on where your customers start. You can have them start at the Promo page, the School/Teacher page or they can start at the Instrument page. Or you could have them start at the Promo page and then bypass the School/Teacher page and go directly to the Instrument page. 

If you would like a one page selection you can set AppConfig parameter aeOneRentalSelectionPage to true. This allows you to select the Location, School, Teacher and Instrument from aeRntSchoolSelect.

You will probably put a link in a menu or on your hometopintro topic to shoot to aeRntPlan.aspx. Or you might put a link to go to some new topic that you created that explains your Contract Plan etc, and then on this topic you would have a link going to either aeRntPlan.aspx.

If you do not wish to have the customer enter a plancode but you wish to use separate pricing per school you can go to the Contract Maintenance -> Add/Change School   - > Active-e Info and enter a plan code there and it will automatically be assigned.


Online Rentals Finalization Page

  • aeC2BRentalsFinalize – This topic is used to display the customer selections, the accessory choices, delivery options and maintenance, and to collect customer contract information. The display tokens and input tokens are used here.
  • aeC2BRentalsFinalizeAnon – If you want your customers to create an online account before starting rentals, enable this through appconfigs “aeAllowAnonRentals” and make sure this topic is gathering the correct information.