Enabling 'Curbside Pickup' in AIMstorefront

Modified on Mon, 20 Dec 2021 at 11:58 AM

From AIMStorefront 1.26, and assuming that the storefront is connected to AIM 12, it is possible to configure Curbside/In-Store pick-up for product checkout (not available for rentals).


The idea is that a storeowner may offer the option for a shopper, who lives locally, to drive to one of your locations and collect their goods.

The administrator can determine how much notice the store needs, and also how many pick-ups can happen during a period of time. 

The time increments available for local delivery are set by the administrator in AIM 12.


The administrator can determine the fee for a pick-up (although most likely you won’t charge for this).

NOTE: If you don't already have Locations created, you can get information on doing so through this article in Step 1, which is great for taking advantage of Locations.

NOTE: The Location Type should be set to In-Store .

 Configuration Settings - these can be more easily configured using Configuration > Shipping Calculation > scroll to bottom > In-store/Curbside Pickup


Setting Name



Set TRUE to display a curbside pickup option in checkout.


Handling fee for curbside pickup (eg. .00).


When using Location Pickup the lead time in hours from the current before a shopper can choose a pickup time.

NOTE that the Vortx servers are on the West coast (PACIFIC time), so be sure to ADD the appropriate difference for your store time zone.



When using Location Pickup the cache expiration in minutes for pulling Locations from the AIM API.


State restrictions for the curbside pickup option if the restriction type = State. This should be a comma-separated list of the 2-character state abbreviations.


If you want to limit the curbside pickup option to only certain addresses or locations you can use this to determine how you are going to limit them. Unrestricted allows anyone to see and select the curbside pickup option, state allows you to specify the states for which the curbside pickup method is valid, zip allows you to specify a zip code or zip codes for which the curbside pickup method is valid, and zone allows you to specify a zone or zones that are set up in the shipping zones section for which the curbside pickup method is valid.


Zip Code restrictions for the curbside pickup option if the restriction type is zip. This should be a comma-separated list of 5-digit zip codes.


Zone restrictions for the curbside pickup option if the restriction type is zone. View a list of zone IDs by choosing Configuration, Shipping Calculation within the admin panel. Click View Shipping Zones near the bottom of the page.

When TRUE, the shopper must select a date and time when choosing the In-store/Curbside Pickup option during checkout. Disabling this Configuration (FALSE) allows for pickup without any specific time in mind.

The Topic:  Edition.Shipping.LocationPickup.Checkout.Message shows a customizable curbside pickup message when the shopper selects In-store/Curbside Pickup. This Topic is blank by default and will not display until customized.






Imagine a store wants to offer curbside pick-up. 

The store is short-staffed, and decides to offer pick-up in 2 hour periods from 8 am until 4 pm every weekday.

In AIM 12, they navigate to Maintenance > Active-e > Create Time Slots and set up the time slots as shown below:



In AIMStorefront, they configure the settings as shown in the image below:



 At checkout, the customer makes their Curbside Pickup option selections:





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