Every AIMStorefront project should follow these 6 basic Steps. As soon as a customer leaves our sales cycle and begins the website building process, we'll follow these steps to help your site get up and running and interacting with your customers as soon as possible. 

  • Kickoff Call
    Vortx will set up a time to have a short call. All projects need to start with this call. For more information on what you can expect from this call, please follow this link. 

  • Staging Site
    Immediately following the kickoff call we will stand up a staging site for you to work with. The goal of the staging site is for you to explore the functionality of your new AIMStorefront and be able to make configuration changes before the site is taken 'live'. The Staging site will be built with one of our 6 template skins

  • Website Configuration
    During the Kickoff Call, we will be asking you to choose to configure either E-commerce or Rentals first. Depending on your needs, we'll work with you to collect all of the required information and get your site set up. You can see the requirements for each here:
    All AIMStorefront Required Configurations

    E-commerce Required Configurations
    Rental Required Configurations

  • Test Functionality
    Once the staging site has been configured, you'll be given an opportunity to test the processes on the store as if you were a customer. You'll want to test your payment processing, orders, shipping, and email. You'll also want to be sure your website is easy to navigate and is showing what you would like displayed.

  • Apply Design
    Many of our clients will want to update the template design to add customized features to their AIMStorefront. The options to what you can do to your store are virtually unlimited, and we can help realize many of those. 

  • Launch
    When you have approved all aspects of the staging site including the completion of our pre-launch checklist(here), we will help you take it live. We will introduce a Web Application Firewall, an SSL, and move your website to your final live website server. There the site can be seen by anyone on any internet connected device. 

Should you have any questions along the way, you can submit a support ticket or email us at AIMstorefront@vortx.com. You can view our full library of helpdesk solutions here.