We realize that an AIM Storefront project can get a bit confusing when you don't know who to ask for help. As a general rule, you'll need Tri-Tech's assistance with these 4 things: 

  • Setting up AIM

  • Setting up your AIM Security Computer - often referred to as and API computer or a C2B machine. 

  • Securing an AIM approved Payment Processor

  • Questions about data entry or processes that take place in AIM.  

  • Connection issues between AIM and AIMStorefront

To reach out to Tri-Tech on these issues, they recommend you call their customer support line at 1-563-556-3556 (Option 2)

Monday through Friday : 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Central Time

or by placing a support ticket in the Tri-Tech portal: https://www.technology4retailers.com/t-memberportal.aspx 

For issues or questions with your website specifically, you can open a support ticket with Vortx by clicking the blue "New Support Ticket" button on the upper right corner of this page, or by emailing us at AIMStorefront@vortx.com and using the subject line of your email to input a ticket title. 

We also encourage you to browse our available helpdesk solutions here: https://helpdesk.aimstorefront.vortx.com/support/solutions