Launching your store usually takes Vortx about 2 hours to complete. We typically launch websites Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 10am Pacific Time and the process is fairly simple as long as we take the proper steps to prepare. Before we launch your new website, make sure you're ready! 

Below are the three steps we need to have completed before scheduling deployment :

  • Staging site 'Sign-off'
    First, please review & complete our pre-launch survey here: will help to make certain that you've checked over everything, that all of your changes are final, and that you're otherwise ready to go live.

  • Secure an SSL Certificate
    As part of your AIMStorefront subscription, Vortx will provide you with one single store SSL for your website. If you already have an SSL Certificate that you'd like to use with your store instead, you'll need to collect the SSL Certificate associated with your domain name from your current host or your SSL provider, and send that to us as a .pfx file with a password. 

  • Transfer DNS Control
    We're going to be applying a Web Application Firewall (Cloudflare to be specific) to your domain during deployment and it's best that we have access to log into your domain registrar so that we can transfer your DNS zone file before the actual launch day. Besides saving time and guesswork for us, you can be sure that when your site launches, DNS will be updated immediately and you will not need to wait for it to propagate across the web.

    Please never send us login information via email or support ticket. To submit this information to us securely, please follow these steps: