You will need to connect AIM to your website in order to push e-commerce content from AIM to your site and to allow AIM to pull orders from your website back into AIM. To connect AIM to your AIMStorefront, please follow these steps: 

In /aesys of your AIMStorefront go to Configuration > GlobalConfig Parameters and filter Settings Group by WSI. 

you should see 2 settings: 

  • Wsi.APIKey
  • Wsi.APISecret

Keep these settings open as you will need to copy these settings and paste them in AIM. Yours will be different than the ones in the image above. 

Now Open AIM.

  1. Go to Maintenance > Active-e > Active-e Setup
  2. Click on E-Commerce & API > Update Shopping Cart tab.
  3. Paste the value of Wsi.APIKey in the Login field of AIM.
  4. Paste the value of Wsi.APISecret into the Password field of AIM.
  5. Enter your AIMStorefront URL into the Shopping Cart URL field. Make sure to include https:// (not http://!). Your URL will be whatever site you are trying to connect it to at the moment, so it may be your staging site address, or your live site address. NOTE: Be sure not to leave a trailing "/" at the end. 

    AIM should now look like this: 

    *If you are setting this up for a staging site, be sure to click the staging site checkbox before saving. Remember to uncheck this when going live.

  6. Save

AFTER YOU RESTART AIM, AIM should now be able to send e-commerce products to your site.