AIM Topic Fields

Modified on Wed, 16 Sep 2020 at 02:57 PM

There are many fields in AIM that ask you to list a Topic. This is a broad overview of how this works and relates to your website. We'll use just one example here, but the basic concept applies to all topic fields in AIM. 

The first step in using Topics from AIM is having a topic field. You can see the example below which is from the Active-e Contract Teacher Setup window in AIM. We first highlighted the teacher, then added a topic name to the Topic Field. You can use any name you'd like, but we recommend keeping it as one word and relevant to the subject. For example, we would not use "Topic 123" as the topic name.

Once the topic name is saved in AIM, we need to move to the website, and login to the /aesys panel. In /aesys admin, on the left hand menu, click "Content > Manage Topics" and find your topic with the matching name. If you do not yet have a topic with the correct name, you can click the "create topic" button to create a new topic. 

Whether you create a new topic, or edit an existing one, you can now use the topic editor to edit the contents of your topic. 

Pro-Tip: Be sure you check the "Published" box in the topic editor. After you save your topic, you should click the 'Refresh Store' button in the upper right corner of admin to refresh the store cache so your changes will be displayed on the website. 

Now that your topic is saved, it should display in the appropriate spot on your website. In our example, the topic will appears on the rental selection page after you select your teacher from the drop-down. You can see it in place on the website here: 

If you are curious where a specific topic will appear on your website, follow the steps above and then just look at your site to see where the topic appears. There are too many instances of topic fields in AIM to list out each exact location, but you should be able to find the one you're looking for with a bit of trial and error.

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