When a rental customer does not have an account in AIM linked to their website account and they attempt to view their rental payment history, or make a payment online, they will be taken to a page on your site that prompts them to submit a request for access to their rental content that is stored in AIM. We cover this in these articles: 

Link Customer Accounts in AIM and Storefront

Allow Customers to View Account and Pay Rentals Online

This page is called your "C2BRequest Page" and can be found on your website at www.yoursite.com/aec2brequest.aspx

You can edit the content above the form on this page in your /aesys admin panel of your website by editing the topic called "aeC2BRequestHeader"

Your store will be delivered with some 'helper text' in this topic. If you are unsure of how to edit the topic, we recommend using this code that we have made available below the image

<div class="well">
<p><strong>You currently do not have access to our Online Account Services.</strong></p>
<p>Please enter your account number in the space provided. The following information will be sent to 'Your Store Name'. You will receive an email notification within 1 business day (generally, within one hour during regular business hours) once your account has been activated.</p>

Adding the above code to your "aeC2BRequestHeader" topic should give you a C2B request page that looks something like this: