The rental email confirmations, sent to the shopper and the administrator on finalizing a rental contract, have been updated for V12 sites to include more information. This update can be opted out of by setting the new Configuration Email.UseV12RentalNotifications to false. This reverts back to the original style and email topics.

New Configurations
  • Email.UseV12RentalNotifications - TRUE by default, if set FALSE this reverts back to the V11-style email confirmations to the shopper/administrator on a successful rental contract (after submitting on AeRntFinalize).
  • Email.AeRentalMailerV12Template - Specifies the topic to use for the "Mailer" email sent to the Shopper to confirm a new rental.
  • Email.AeRentalNotificationV12Template - Specifies the topic to use for the "Notification" email sent to the Administrator to confirm a new rental.
New Prompts
  • Email.AeRentalMailerV12.Subject- Default Value: '{{StoreName}} - Online Rental Ref# {{WebRef}}'
    • The subject line of the new V12 Shopper email rental confirmation.
  • Email.AeRentalNotificationV12.Subject - Default Value:'New Online Rental Ref# {{WebRef}}'
    • The subject line of the new V12 Administrator email rental confirmation.
New Topics
  • Email.Templates.AeRentalMailerV12 - This topic controls the email contents of the Shopper rental confirmation. It thanks them for placing the rental and provides basic information about it including Student Name, rental address, delivery options, notes, accessories, and maintenance information.
  • Email.Templates.AeRentalNotificationV12 - This topic controls the email contents of the Administrator rental confirmation. It has similar information to the Shopper email but is more brief.

Email Tokens

The new topics (Email.Templates.AeRentalMailerV12 and Email.Templates.AeRentalNotificationV12 ) support these tokens and they are used in the following example...
{{#IF StudentName}}
<td>Student's Name:</td>

List of Tokens

Most tokens listed below are self-explanatory and are directly carried over from the contract form fields that the shopper fills in:
  • CustomerAddress1
  • CustomerAddress2
  • CustomerName
  • CustomerPhone
  • DeliveryDate
  • DeliveryOption
  • District
  • Instrument
  • RentalNotes
  • School
  • StoreName
  • StudentName
  • WebRef : rental contract reference number.
  • StudentName : prints out the student name entered on the AeRntFinalize form.
  • StudentGrade : prints out the student's grade entered on the AeRntFinalize form.
  • InstrumentCondition : prints out the condition (used, new) of the instrument in the contract.

NOTE: An issue exists with the display of the conditional codes used in the topics (browser behavior), which stacks them up outside of the Table within the topic editor. In order to successfully edit the content of these topics, you will need to disable the HTML editor and edit the HTML directly in the topic. To do this, set the Configuration - Settings - TurnOffHtmlEditorInAdminSite to FALSE and Refresh Store. You can then safely edit the topic contents. Once you are done editing these topics, you may enable the editor as desired.

NOTE: An issue exists in version AIMStorefront 1.32 where the topic editor does not successfully display Style, Script or Link tags, so if you have any of these tags or wish to include them in topics, you will need to first disable the editor per the above note instructions.