Upgrading your PayPal account to PayPal Commerce (PCPP / PPCP)

Modified on Mon, 03 Jun 2024 at 05:42 PM

If you've been using any type of PayPal service with your website (Express, Checkout, Payments, Pay Later, etc.), you will need to update your site to start using PayPal Commerce. It's a simple update as you can continue using the same PayPal account, you just need to change some settings in your storefront. 

Essentially, you'll want to clear out all of the settings below by setting the value to "blank" - don't actually type in "blank" in the value, just delete any text that may be present in the value field. 

Log into your website admin panel. Then click Configuration > Settings and make sure all of these setting's are values are empty. (it may be a good idea to record your setting values on a text pad in the event you need to reference those or input them again at any point)

  • PayPalCommerce.Email
  • PayPalCommerce.LiveClientId
  • PayPalCommerce.LiveClientSecret
  • PayPalCommerce.MerchantId
  • PayPalCommerce.OnboardingProxyApiClientId
  • PayPalCommerce.OnboardingProxyApiClientId.Development
  • PayPalCommerce.OnboardingProxyApiClientSecret
  • PayPalCommerce.OnboardingProxyApiClientSecret.Development
  • PayPalCommerce.SandboxClientId
  • PayPalCommerce.SandboxClientSecret

  • Then, update the setting PayPalCommerce.OnboardingCheck to have a value of 'false'.

*If you're comfortable running sql in your store, you can use this to clear your settings. Only run sql at your own risk.

UPDATE AppConfig SET ConfigValue='' WHERE Name IN ('PayPalCommerce.Email','PayPalCommerce.LiveClientId','PayPalCommerce.LiveClientSecret','PayPalCommerce.MerchantId','PayPalCommerce.OnboardingProxyApiClientId','PayPalCommerce.OnboardingProxyApiClientId.Development','PayPalCommerce.OnboardingProxyApiClientSecret','PayPalCommerce.OnboardingProxyApiClientSecret.Development','PayPalCommerce.SandboxClientId','PayPalCommerce.SandboxClientSecret') 
UPDATE AppConfig SET ConfigValue='false' WHERE Name='PayPalCommerce.OnboardingCheck'

Once this is done, you can refresh your store and you're ready to get started configuring PayPal Commerce. 

Now go to Configuration > Site Setup Wizard and scroll down to confirm that your site is taking live transactions and that HTTPS: is enabled.

scroll down a bit further and click Configure to the right of the PayPal setup in Configure Wallets

It should be blank, like this: 

Click Connect with PayPal and use that screen to log in with your PayPal account. 

If you don't have a PayPal account, you'll be prompted to create one. You can do that and pick these instructions back up, or you can follow our support article for storefronts that are using PayPal for the first time. Adding PayPal to your Store (new PayPal users) 

PayPal should congratulate you! It's well deserved. Vortx congratulates you too! You're almost done! Click "Return to [your website]"

This should take you back to your setup wizard page. At this point, Refresh Store. 

Now go back to Configuration > Setup Wizard, Scroll down to the PayPal configuration link in the Configure Wallets section and click that configuration link again. 

You should now see that PayPal is connected for PayPal and Credit and Debit. There may be different colored backgrounds on that text, but as long as it says CONNECTED it should work.

Save and Close the window above, Refresh store, and then go test on the checkout of your website. Please let us know if you have any trouble with this process by submitting a support ticket, and we'll be here to help. 

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