Configuring your store email

Modified on Fri, 23 Feb 2018 at 11:09 AM

The store will need to be configured with a working email account for sending admin order notifications, receipts and order updates for customers, and distributor notifications. The store also uses email to send temporary passwords if a user forgets theirs.

First, navigate to Configuration > Setup E-mail

Some of the information required in this screen you will know and there may be some details you’re not sure about, just about all of them matter. To be sure, you may need to work with your systems administrator, your email host or both. In some cases you may be able to get the details from the account configuration of your email client; software like Microsoft Outlook for instance.

Mail Server DNS: this is the domain name for your mail server. Again, this may require contacting your mail host, or maybe a call to the IT guy. A quick Google search might even do it. Vortx won’t be able to help with this, we do not host your email.

Mail Server Username (optional): it may say optional, but it rarely is. Typically this will be the email address, or one of the email addresses your company uses. 

Mail Server Password (optional): again, rarely optional when sending email over anyone’s server, however, every case may vary! The Mail Server Password will be the password for the Mail Server Username or email address provided above.

Mail Server TCP Port: basic email sends over port 25 for SMTP so if you’re not sure then that’s someplace to start, however it’s more and more common for mail servers to allow or even require secure connections. If your mail server requires SSL, please confirm that your host supports SMTP over port 587 and use that value here.

Mail Server Requires SSL: It should probably be preferred that your mail host supports or even requires SSL. If you’re not sure, try selecting Yes and using 587 in the Mail Server TCP Port field above. We’ll be testing this next...

To complete the setup, roll through the remaining fields, filling in the required fields at the least.

To confirm that the store can send email scroll to the top, click Save, then click Test All

We’re looking for green messages indicating success here! If the test fails, please refer to your mail host or systems administrator for help with correcting the errors.

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