Vortx recommends using a Gmail or G Suite as your email hosting provider. If you would like to sign up for G Suite, you can do that here.

Once you have signed up for Gmail/G Suite, you will need to check one setting in your Google Account. After logging into your email account, click your "Google Account" circle in the upper right corner of your screen. 

This will open a menu that allows you to "Manage your Google Account." Click that and you'll see an account management screen. 

Click on "Security" in the left hand menu and scroll down the page until you see this window: 

You will need to be sure "Less secure app access" is turned on. This is the only way that Gmail will allow our third party application to connect to your email account. 

Once you have this account setting configured correctly, you're ready to complete the setup in your storefront. 

Now you can log into your store /aesys panel

  • Go to Configuration > Setup E-mail
  • Fill out the top 5 fields on the page: 

    Mail Server DNS: smtp.gmail.com
    Mail Server Username (optional): your email address
    Mail Server Password (optional): your password
    Mail Server TCP Port: 587
    Mail Server Requires SSL: Yes

  • Now, you can fill out the rest of the page, but be very careful that you ONLY use your connected email address in the "from" fields. 
  • Do not try to use multiple emails in the "to" field. If you need notifications to go to multiple people, you'll need to set rules in your "to" email account to forward specific emails to other people.
  • Finally, hit the "Test All" button. You should get 4 green messages at the top of the page to confirm your store is connected to your gmail account.
     *click image to zoom. DO NOT EMAIL US AT THIS ADDRESS. This email address is for demonstration only. 

  • Finally, go back to your Gmail account and you should see your test emails in your inbox. You may receive a notice that "someone attempted to sign in to your Gmail account" and you can open that and click the link to let them know "It was me".

You should be all set with your email setup at this point. Remember that if you change your email password, you will need to update your AIMStorefront to match.