Rental Finalize Page Overview

Modified on Wed, 24 Mar 2021 at 02:16 PM

Now that you've set up your rental contracts in AIM, and configured your instrument selection pages, you should focus on configuring your rental finalize page. This page appears in your website, after a rental instrument is selected, at the url /AeRntFinalize?rsipk=[###]&artpk=[##] - where #'s are going to be numbers based on your instrument, plancode, and options for the instrument.

The rental finalize page consists of 4 Parts. Since this is an overview page, we'll show you what the parts are. There are setup pages specifically for each one of the parts in this section: 

Page Header Topics

A list of topics you can use to display information above the data and input tables on the page. You can display information on this page no matter what instrument or plan codes were selected. You can also display information specific to the instrument and plan code selected. You can learn how to edit page header topics here

Accessories / Maintenance / Delivery Options

This area is controlled by your configuration of Accessories, Maintenance, and Delivery Options in AIM. These options are applied to each rental instrument in the Inventory screen of your AIM contract setup launcher and can be configured entirely in AIM. 

Customer Details 

This section is where you will be collecting customer information for your rental contracts. It's configured in the AIM Storefront /aesys panel, in a topic called "aeC2BRentalFinalize". Fields in this section can be edited and you can learn how here

Credit Card Payment Information

This section is where a customer will enter their payment details for their rental order. It is not editable and is directly tied in with your payment gateway in AIM. Credit cards are not processed in the website for rental orders, so this section will need to remain as it is when configuring your website. 

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