You can now calculate sales tax on the Rental Finalize form

1. Enable Sales Tax in AIM v12

Maintenance > active-e > active-e Setup > E-Commerce & API > Tab 3 API > LT Rental tab

2. Enable Sales Tax in the Store

Simply toggle on the new Setting aeEnableRentalSalesTax (FALSE by default) under Configuration > Settings and change the value to True, then Refresh Store.

Note: We added a new token (!C2B_TOTALSTABLE!) to the aeC2BRentalFinalize topic, which will give you a detailed breakdown of your payment, including a subtotal, shipping cost, taxes, and the total amount.

There will also be a token (!C2B_LOADINGMODAL!) entered in the top of the topic. Please leave this in place as it is, which is necessary for the taxation functionality.