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Tokens are text that you place throughout your site to add dynamic information to a page or block of content. Tokens can be used in layout files and topics as well as category, and product descriptions.


To add tokens to a layout or view file use this format:



Or for more complicated tokens

@Html.Token("TOKENNAME", new { key = "value", key2 = "value2"})



Everywhere else (Topics, Category Descriptions, Product Descriptions, etc.) you can add tokens like this:



Or for more complicated tokens:

(!TokenName Key='Value' Key2='Value'!)


For live token examples on your own AspDotNetStorefront site visit http://{YOURDOMAIN}/t-tokens.aspx . This topic page allows you to see all the available tokens and what they render out on your own site.


Available Tokens

ADDTOCARTFORM Creates an add-to-cart form for a product

(!AddToCartForm ProductId='1' VariantId='1'!)

APPCONFIG Get the value of an appconfig

(!AppConfig Name='storename'!)

CATEGORYLINK Get a URL to a category

(!CategoryLink CategoryId='1' SEName='category-one'!)

COPYRIGHTYEARS Get the copyright year or year range


COUNTRYSELECTLIST Used to output the country drop down


CURRENCYSELECTLIST Used to output the currency drop down


CUSTOMERID The current user's CustomerId


CUSTOMERLOCALE Gets the current user's locale


ENTITYLINK Get a URL to an entity(Category, Department, Manufacturer, etc.)

(!EntityLink EntityId='1' SeName='category-one' EntityName='category'!)

FORMATCURRENCY Format a decimal in the current user's currency

(!FormatCurrency Value='10.00'!)

IMAGEURL Gets a URL for a product or entity image

(!ImageUrl Id='1' Type='product' Size='icon'!)

INVOCATION Shows the URL including the sub-folder application name (if you have one) and the query string


LOCALESETTING Gets the current user's locale


LOOKUPIMAGE Renders an image of a product or entity

(!LookupImage Id='1' Type='product' Size='icon'!)

MANUFACTURERLINK Get a URL to a manufacturer

(!ManufacturerLink ManufacturerId='1' SEName='manufacturer-one'!)

MICROPAYBALANCE The current user's MicroPay balance


MICROPAYBALANCECURRENCY The current user's MicroPay balance converted to the user's currency


MICROPAYBALANCERAW The current user's MicroPay balance without a label


NUMCARTITEMS The number of items in the current user's shopping cart


NUMWISHITEMS The number of items in the current user's wishlist


OBJECTLINK Get a URL to an entity(Category, Department, Manufacturer, etc.)

(!ObjectLink ObjectId='1' SeName='category-one' ObjectName='category'!)

PAGEINFO HTML commented page diagnostic info used on the default template


PRODUCTLINK A URL to a product page

(!ProductLink ProductId='1' SEName='product-one'!)

PRODUCTPROPERNAME Get a product and variant concatenated name (Product Name-Variant Name)

(!ProductProperName ProductId='1' VariantId='1'!)

SECTIONLINK Get a URL to a department/section

(!SectionLink SectionId='1' SEName='department-one'!)

SIGNINOUTLINK The URL to login or logout depending on the whether the current user is logged in or not


SIGNINOUTTEXT "Login" or "Logout" depending on the whether the current user is logged in or not


SKINID Get the current SkinId


SKINNAME Get the current SkinName


SKINPATH Get the current SkinPath


STORELOCALE Gets the default locale for the store


STRINGRESOURCE Get a string resource

(!StringResource Name='ResponsiveSkin.AccountLabel'!)

TOPIC Get the contents of a topics

(!Topic name='HelpBox'!)

TOPICLINK Get a URL for a topic

(!TopicLink Name='about'!)

URL Get a URL to a given action and controller with optional route values

(!Url ActionName='Index' ControllerName='Checkout' Query1='test' Query2='test'!)

USERMENUNAME Says the user's name if you're logged in otherwise it says "my account"


USERNAME Says "Welcome, {User Name}" if you're logged in


VATSELECTLIST Used to output the inclusive/exclusive vat drop down


XMLPACKAGE Display the output of an XmlPackage

(!XmlPackage Name='RelatedProducts' ProductId='1'!)

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