In AIMStorefront, customers can use the /AeManageCc and /AeUpdateCc pages to add or edit their rental credit card information. Starting in AIMStorefront version 1.24 , store owners can now be notified when customers make changes. The AeManageCc page has also been refreshed to improve overall usability of the page.

There are a few configurations available to manage this feature: 


You can find these settings under the Configuration > Settings menu in your AIMStorefront admin console ( 

AeManageCc.CustomerNotificationEmail.Enabled : Edit this setting and set it to Yes (TRUE) to enable email notifications when credit cards are updated by customers.

AeManageCc.NotificationEmail.ToAddress : Edit this setting and enter an email address where you'd like the Admin email notification to be sent.


You can find this under Content > Manage Topics in your AIMStorefront admin console: 

AeManageCc.NotificationEmail.Body (topic Name): Edit this topic to change the contents of the email that's sent to the admin when a customer updates a credit card. You can include text and images here. 


You can find this under Content > Manage Prompts in your AIMStorefront admin console: 


AeManageCc.NotificationEmail.Subject (prompt Name):

This is the subject line of the email that's sent to the store owner admin, you can enter any text you like in this prompt.