Product and Entity (Product Groups) display Xml Packages

Modified on Thu, 15 Aug 2019 at 12:11 PM

The product and entity display packages that you assign through the drop-down menu when editing a product or entity in the admin are provided with a "friendly" display name. There are circumstances that you may need or desire to edit the XmlPackages. The lists below describe the actual file names associated with the Xml packages by default. The friendly display names can be edited as needed within the Xml package itself, in the line near the top such as:

<package version="2.1" displayname="Products In A Grid With Prices" debug="false" includeentityhelper="true">

The site code will always look in your wwwroot/skins/skin_#/XmlPackages folder first when an Xml package has been called. If the package is not found there, it then looks to the wwwroot/XmlPackages folder. Therefore when editing or creating a new Xml package, it is prudent to leave a copy of the original in the wwwroot/XmlPackages folder and only edit the one in the skins folder.

For more detailed information on Xml Packages, please refer to the general user manual page HERE

Product Layouts:

Simple Product = product.SimpleProduct.xml.config

Simple Product with a Large Image = product.SimpleProductLargeImage.xml.config

Variants in Dropdown with a Tabbed Layout = product.TabbedUI.xml.config

Variants in a Dropdown = product.VariantsInDropDown.xml.config

Variants in a Grid = product.VariantsInGrid.xml.config

Variants in a Right Column - produst.VariantsInRightBar.xml.config

Responsive Variants in a List = product.variants-in-list.xml.config

Responsive Variants In A Dropdown = product.tabbed-responsive.xml.config

Advanced Product Image Display = product.AdvancedImageViewer.xml.config

Entity Layouts:

Products In a Grid = entity.grid.xml.config

Product In a Grid with Prices = entity.gridwithprices.xml.config

Sub-Entities In A List (No Products) = entity.rootlevel.xml.config

Products In A List = entity.simpleproductlist.xml.config

Products In An Order Form = entity.tableorderform.xml.config

Responsive Grid with Products = entity.responsivegrid.xml.config

Guided Navigation Grid = entity.guidednavigationgrid.xml.config

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