How to Change Currency

Modified on Mon, 13 Nov 2023 at 10:49 AM

To change currency and currency symbols you'll need to know the three letter ISO currency code as well as the ISO numerical code you're attempting to change it to. There are many resources available online to find this code, we use a site like this 

In our example, I'm going to change the currency to Japanese Yen. In the list from the link above, I see that the three letter ISO code for Japanese Yen is "JPY" and the ISO numeric code is "392". Let's remember that for later.  


First, in /aesys, we'll need to be sure the setting, "aeEnableRentalSalesTax" is set to true. If you need help finding and changing settings, be sure to visit our article about settings here 


Then we'll need to navigate to the currency page. In /aesys go to "Configuration > Manage Currencies" 

Make sure the currency you're wanting to use is included in the list of installed currencies. If your currency is missing from the list, you can attempt to add it, or contact Vortx for assistance. Check the checkbox for "Published" on the currency you'd like to display. Uncheck the current currency to no longer use that.

After hitting Save, be sure to Refresh Store.

Next, you'll need to verify your new currency as the default currency. Go to "Configuration > Manage Locales" 

You should only see one Locale in an AIM Storefront with your default locale and currency. If you are working with more than one locale, you may need to follow these instructions for each locale. Hit Edit on your locale so you can change the currency.

Change the dropdown on your default currency to your desired currency if needed.

After hitting Save, be sure to Refresh Store.


Finally, to go "Configuration > Settings" and search for "Localization.StoreCurrency". There are 2 settings here that you need to fill out without your ISO values as well. (This is the three letter code and number we looked up at the beginning of this article.

After updating and saving each of these settings, be sure to Refresh Store.

You should now see your new currency symbol on your eCommmerce sales pages, as well as your rental pages.  



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