FFL Locator at Checkout

Modified on Fri, 08 Mar 2024 at 03:26 PM

AIMStorefront can now use an FFL locator at checkout. In order to get this option to appear, contact Tri-Tech to make sure you're eligible and get your keys for the feature. 

The FFL locator Identifies items requiring FFL and marks them using an attribute system so when a user is checking out with a gun the FFL functionality is displayed and required. Using the Tritech FFL Lookup API, customers can select a nearby FFL dealer. It optionally uses the Google Maps API autocomplete and geolocate functionality to make searching for an address easier.

Once enabled from Tri-Tech, you'll need to configure your site, and then add an "FFL product" to the cart. The FFL address will become the delivery address for the order. A customer will not be able to use their own shipping addresses when any FFL product is in the cart.

Enable the FFL locator by changing these settings: 

In your AIM Storefront go to Configuration > Settings

  • FFL.Enabled - set to 'true' to show the locator at checkout
  • FFL.MaxStoresToList - Since the FFL locator can sometimes return a large number of results, you'll want to limit the results to the closest 'x' locations. We recommend setting this to '10' to start and then expanding or limiting depending on your customer feedback.

  • optional FFL.GoogleMapsApiKey- This is used to search for addresses. This is not required but HIGHLY recommended for ease-of-use. 
    • Api key obtained from Google for the map service.  Start at How to get an API key to get your key. 
    • Make sure to restrict the API usage to your site: Google Article. You do not need to add the API key to your request (bottom of article)
    • At the time of publishing this article, March 2024, Google will allow $200 worth of Maps API usage per month at no cost.

Refresh cache and you should be set. 

Create an FFL product. In AIM, you'll need to map your FFL product to a subcategory designated for FFL Products. Here's how you can do that to a single product in AIM. 

In AIM, go to Maintenance > Inventory > Maintain Sub Categories

Select your FFL subcategory in the left column, and then make sure "A&D Book" is checked before saving the category. 

This "A&D Book" Subcategory will now tag any product mapped to it. In our example above, we added this tag to all products in "Lower Receivers". We have a demo product that we've mapped to lower receivers before updating Active-e. This mapping is independent of your web categories.

Now that the product has been updated in AIM Storefront, We can see it in it's web category. 

And adding this product to the cart should result on an FFL Location icon appearing on your checkout page. 

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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