How to 'push' inventory from AIM to AIMstorefront

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If you have inventory that is correctly set up in AIM, and working well for Point of Sale, then the 'extra' issues you initially need to consider when putting some or all of that inventory online are:
** Web description
** Images
** Web category

Suggestion - as a first pass when setting up your storefront, try putting generic values (e.g. "This is a lovely product" for your descriptions ... and upload the same image for all your products). This is REALLY EASY and will allow you to see how your product appears online, and then you can tidy things up later. You will be working on a 'staging storefront' that only you can see, so experimentation is good and keeps things moving forward.

Updating inventory in bulk

On the Maintenance menu select Active-e > Inventory

Select Shopping Cart in the Select Inventory For box. (This is likely to be selected as default.)

Enter any other filtering options, on the Selection Criteria tab, that you want to use to narrow down inventory. For example, if you want to offer free shipping on all inventory in the category you've called "Band and Orchestra Accessories" then select that cat or sub-cat.)

If you select an option, such as Yes in the Master Image box, and later want to change it to Both, right-click in the box you want to change and select Clear. This resets the box to its default value. 


Having set your filters, click Get Inventory. This pulls in any inventory that matches your filtering criteria and displays it on tab 2, Shopping Cart. All inventory matching your selection(s) displays in the grid on the left. The highlighted item's web category(ies) and weight display on the right.  

Click Active-e. The Active-e Maintenance window displays with all the information established for that inventory in the Change Inventory program.

Update any of the information on this window as necessary. For this example, we are offering free shipping so we select the Free Shipping check box.

Click Save.

Clear the check box for any inventory in the grid that you do NOT want to update. 

Right-click in the grid and select Apply selected '[option]' to all checked items. In this example, we would select Apply selected 'Free Shipping' to all checked items


Click Save. Your updates will be reflected in the next shopping cart update.

Updating the shopping cart for inventory

On the Modules menu select Active-e > Update Shopping Cart. The Active-e Update Shopping Cart window displays. 

Select Update Inventory

Click Publish.


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